I have used a needle and thread as long as I can remember.  My mother, at my behest as I watched her work, taught me to sew when I was very young, and craft has been a lovely hobby off and on over the years.  About nine years ago, after becoming a mother for the second time, I realized I needed something of my own (besides my stacks of ungraded essays and lesson plans), and I turned to quilting.  I took up a long unfinished project from my teens, and I diligently completed it.  Since then, quilting has become an ever increasing obsession.  George Orwell says, as a writer, he is drawn on by some “beast” to write, and I think my muse is equally as tyrannical.  More and more I look at things (jellyfish, mimosa flowers, or passages in books), and I wonder what they would look like in fabric or I see them in fabric.  I start to think about possible fabric choices, colors, techniques, and embellishments that will make the piece true to my vision of the original item.  These days I rarely work from a pattern when drawn on by my  muse, even though I utilize traditional piecing patterns or techniques to create my designs.  I like to incorporate tradition into my designs because fiber artist is a new appellation for me.  I quilt–forever sandwiching and reveling in the tactile sensation of the act of hand quilting, embroidering, or threading my machine; however, I am recreating what I see or experience in the world, which is the essence of art–representation, recreation, and originality–all within the realm of the human soul, mine and anyone viewing or touching my work.

Right now I work as often as I can with my fabric.  I have more ideas than time to realize them, but I am  attempting to have a more fully satiated muse!

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