So, I have been away from my website for a while!  Yes, but I have been busy, and now I will try to post more often.  I’m working on posting once a week.  Time will tell!  Recently I have been working on reverse applique and embroidery.  I have a few images today, and I will have more on each soon.  I am timidly moving forward with this blogging!  Too, today I began work on a piece that will be part of a series about madness and genius and how they so often inform each other as with Vincent Van Gogh and Virginia Woolf.  I will have sneak peeks soon with more discussion of my thought process, too.  What is genius?  What is madness?  What happens in artists where both reside?  Are they kin?  Or are they merely in contention?  I have much to ponder…and create…


This piece is the reverse applique. I reverse appliqued the flowers, used french knots for the centers and back or stem stitch for the stems. Then I hand quilted the leaves.


A sort of scarf that I really like, and I like reverse applique. I think I will try more!


Some sample pieces of embroidery for my Simply Stitch 4 class with Karen Ruane. If you haven’t seen her work you should go look! You can find her at