I have been working on my Madness panel, and I think I am making slow, but good progress.  I finally finished embellishing my “mask” free-machine embroidered piece, and I found the perfect spot for it on the Madness panel.  I also have more photos of the embroidery I have been doing elsewhere on the piece.  I have a lot left to do…I am currently contemplating lips…lips to represent the voices some artists, like Virginia Woolf,  hear that drive or hinder their work.


The “mask” piece with French knots, bullion knots, and button hole lace.


A lovely seam with bullion knots and French knots. You can just see the web stitches peaking out from under one of the free floating seams.


A small, stuffed applique with metallic French knots on the chain stitched seam.


One of my favorite seams. Tiny stab stitches that seemingly are all around.


A better view of those web stitches with black French knots, too.