Asian fabrics and solids neatly folded…I used my ruler to fold them uniformally.


More fabric!


The white fabrics are begging for a project!


My shelf of synthetic fabric, which is lovely and bright.


My fat quarters have a great new home in this “drawer” my husband made for me!

During the Holidays and into the New Year, I spent quite a lot of time organizing my work space, and I have pictures to prove it.  I moved furniture and folded fabric.  I also created bins for loose scraps and tried to create a much more productive, fluid space.  I have worked a lot in the space over the last month or so, and I am pleased!  I still have snippets of cloth on my sewing table that need to find their way into some sort of vessel…I need to be able to see them, though, for inspiration.  I’m working on that problem!  Today, I provide pictures of the fabric!  The folding took me a day or so, but I love how neat and visible it all is.  I’m still contemplating lips, too…my sketchbook is helping my thinking.